About Us

FriendlyWorld a Crowd Funding Foundation

About Us

Our community and the power of giving

We are Mobilizing Our Community around the World to build Better and strong communities by giving to the less fortunate, by inspiring and solving problems Together by Helping, Giving, Sharing and Receiving.

Build Strong Friendlier Relationships

We connect great minds and awaken communities, so that together we evolve to address the world’s changing needs as individuals and one Global Community.

The Power Of CrowdFunding

The crowdfund is an individual or a group that comes forward with a plan for a project they wish to fund, and then look to a group of people coming together to actually provide the money to support the development and actual delivery of the project.

The FriendlyWorld of Global Communities

We inspire, equip and mobilize individuals and organizations to take action that changes the world One at a time to build better and strong communities.