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Friendlyworld is the world’s first crowdfunding Global Community that allows you to receive Donations of everything that happens in our organization for Forever! It is based on Blockchain Technology and a Global community of givers, willing to be the change of this world of challenges.

What We Do?





We HELP, GIVE, SHARE and RECEIVE because they form a part of the Universal Laws that govern us all. This Global Community was built for you by people that believe in giving back to the Global community and passion is the key how we do it. FriendlyWorld begins with your willingness to GIVE and help others, we then set you up with your own Crowdfunding System for you to SHARE and then ultimately RECEIVE WITH ABUNDANCE!

Invite to Help the Global community to Grow

You do not have to invite or bring anybody to the Global community in order to receive. To receive all you have to do is GIVE. TODAY GIVE and Help us grow your Global community. As Your Global community grows, so do your DONATIONS. Everyone wins!

Register & Donate

After registering and donating, your donation will be send automatically to members of the Global Community that gave and now they are ready to receive.

How our

System of Donation Works?

"Donations are very important for FRIENDLYWORLD and its Community because we believe in the GIVING. We would like to see OUR MEMBERS very Happy, this Global Community of Givers are part of a BIG PROGRAM OF CROWDFUNDING. When you use your referral link to invite new members, they are coded to you as your new family. So when they donate and get their own position on any place in the Matrix, you may get a Donation.."
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Join the world of helping people
Easy enrolment process with various membership packages.
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The Journey begins with you
Initiate the journey to receive unlimited donations with your first donation.
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Share to build your friendly community
Spread the word of friendly community to bring more people together.
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Receive unlimited help for your lifetime
Enjoy lifetime help with the growing community from multiple streams


Our Community And The Power Of Giving

We are Mobilizing Our Community around the World to build Better and strong communities by giving to the less fortunate, by inspiring and solving problems Together by Helping, Giving, Sharing and Receiving.